Pac Rush

2.5 (6 Reviews)
Pac Rush is going to keep you on the edge of your seat! Your goal is to collect as many red circles as possible while avoiding falling objects. The more red circles you collect, the higher your score. Can you handle the pressure?

Take a spin with Pac in this arcade-style game of skill! Change direction within the circle to avoid falling obstacles and collect red dots to score. If an obstacle hits you it's game over! The pace picks up the more you score. Keep cool and concentrated if you want the high score!

To play Pac Rush, select the “Tap to Play” button. When the game loads, tap or click on the screen to start moving. Your goal to is to collect all of the red circles that appear. To reverse direct, simply tap on screen again. As you play, watch out for falling obstacles. You may need to reverse direction to avoid them. Earn points for each red circle you collect. Can you achieve a new personal all-time high record?

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