Red Happy

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with Red, the fearless red ball, in “Red Happy”! Master the jumps and have fun in this endless platformer that challenges your reflexes and skills.

"Red Happy" is a fun and engaging web game that combines the elements of jumping and scoring. The objective of the game is to control a character (the red happy face) and make it jump and collect as many stars as possible while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

The game features a colorful and vibrant design, with a cheerful atmosphere that appeals to players of all ages. The controls are simple, with the player using the arrow keys to guide the character and tap on the screen to make the character jump. The game becomes more challenging as the levels progress, with faster-paced gameplay and more obstacles to overcome.

Some key features of "Red Happy" include:

1. Easy to learn controls: The controls are simple and easy to understand, allowing players to pick up the game quickly and start enjoying the action.

2. Increasing difficulty: As players progress through the levels, the game becomes more challenging, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles and enemies.

3. Collectible stars: The game features a star-collecting mechanic, where players must collect as many stars as possible to increase their score and unlock new levels and characters.

4. Customizable characters: The game offers a variety of characters for players to choose from, each with unique abilities and attributes.

5. Social features: "Red Happy" can be easily shared on social media platforms, allowing players to invite friends and compete against each other, making the gaming experience more social and enjoyable.

Use the keys S, A, D or the Arrows.

"Red Happy" is a fun and engaging jumping and scoring HTML5 web game that offers a unique gaming experience for players of all ages. With its simple controls, increasing difficulty, and customizable characters, it provides hours of entertainment and a fun way to challenge friends and family.

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