Mr. Macagi

2.5 (2 Reviews)
Embark on a hilarious adventure with Mr. Macagi, on a quest to collect apples. The challenge intensifies as mischievous monsters lurk, adding an element of suspense. Can you help Mr. Macagi gather apples while evading these comical creatures? Get ready for a delightful and entertaining gaming experience!

However, it's not that simple! Your path will be obstructed by a host of mischievous monsters that add a twist of suspense to the game. This arcade platformer is sure to provide lots of entertainment as it tests both your skill and agility.

To play, simply use your keyboard's arrow keys to move Mr. Macagi around the platforms and collect apples. Be quick, but careful! The monsters are constantly moving about, and you need to avoid them while collecting your prizes. As you advance in levels, the gameplay becomes faster and more challenging.

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