Animal Merge

5.0 (2 Reviews)
Animal Merge is a captivating puzzle game where players are tasked with merging blocks to create adorable animals that gradually grow in size. The gameplay involves dropping blocks onto a grid and strategically merging them to form larger animal shapes.

As the game progresses, players encounter various challenges and obstacles. However, they can utilize power-ups to overcome these challenges. The power-ups include a shuffle, which rearranges the blocks on the grid, a bomb that destroys blocks, a more time power-up to extend gameplay, and a change background power-up to add visual variety.

The objective of Animal Merge is to merge blocks strategically to create larger animal combinations, earning points and unlocking new levels. The game provides a visually appealing experience with charming animal designs and engaging gameplay mechanics. Players can test their puzzle-solving skills and aim for high scores as they witness the delightful transformation of the animals they create.

Embark on a journey of merging blocks and watch as the animal kingdom comes to life in Animal Merge!

Keyboard and Touch Controls

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